About Zenytsa

Accessible. Lighter. Sharper.

In 2015 our experience in optical elements development and AI-based post-processing technologies allowed us to be the first ones to obtain color image of high resolution by using Fresnel lense. The result drastically surpassed everything that was presented before. Since then we have significantly improved as in lenses development, so in image post-processing.

Zenytsa is an optical device that provides compact and cheap way to make distant objects appear magnified on images without huge complicated long-focus lenses. The possible difference in weight in cost is more than 100 times for 300mm lens.

Commonly a long focus objective consists of about 10 lenses with total weight between 2 and 3 kg. We propose only one, easy to use simple lens that weighs just 0.02 kg, has 10 mkm thickness and innovative software method for sharp image reconstruction.

Distortion Correction

Apart from unique configuration of the fresnel lens we provide the special method of distortion correction based on robust convolutional neural network. Our methods give exceptional results in obtaining extra quality images in reasonable time. The nature of the distortions is nonlinear.

However, the best nonlinear filter for image reconstruction is our deep convolutional neural network, which gives us the better reconstruction without any visible artifacts. Fringing artifact is present in the window of the middle picture (usual filtering) and it is absent in the left picture, obtained by deep convolutional network.

Comparison of the original image, obtained with EF-S (1) , obtained with our Fresnel lense (2) and image after neural network image reconstruction (3).

High Quality Restoration

With all applied efforts we have obtained quality of image inaccessible for fresnel lenses before. Try to notice difference between two photos below. The left one was taken with Canon 600 and EF-S while the right one we took with Canon 600 and our lense.

Under a thorough supervision of 2 outstanding Russian specialists, Dr. Kazansky and Academician Soifer, talented engineers of Zenytsa team have joined forces with Image Processing Systems Institute of RAS, Moscow and Aligned Research Group to make this product possible.

All the members of the team have a great background in creating innovative products. We met while working on a project of surgical navigation system. After 10+ years working in different teams, we found a great opportunity to simplify process of obtaining magnified images of distant objects.