For a while the most common way has been the application of long focus lens that has been used for decades and has already achieved its perfection. Despite provided extra quality, long focus lenses also have an unresolvable disadvantages like it’s heavy weight (a few kilograms) and a pretty high price (a few thousands euros). Since image and video cameras have been widely used we need a compact device for the optical magnification for a wide range of devices like CCTV cameras, drones, vehicles, spacecraft. Functional competences and low cost of ownership are permanent requests of end-users.

Our product is ready to revolutionize the entire computer vision industry because of its light weight, compactness and how easy it is to use.


We estimate a total amount of CCTV cameras that could be equipped with long focus lens in 25 millions over the world. It could be cameras in airports, business centers, parkings, roads.

A cheap “kit” zoom lens can cost $300, while a “pro” fixed lens can cost around $1500.This lens has a weight in a range from 0.3 kg to 5 kg, and very often they are a complex and fragile devices.

In most of the cases we can replace these complex and fragile optical systems with a device that has just one glass inside and a software for image postprocessing, that together gives an ability to look further for a very attractive price.


Based on the application segment, earth observation & meteorology leads the market globally with the biggest market share and is expected to grow with a high CAGR during the forecast period. The growth of this segment is attributed to usage of small satellites to test the capabilities of various technologies which are used in space. Thanks to its lightweight and compactness, Zenytsa can be installed on a frone to perform the environmental observation.


Drones are becoming a tool like any other consumer device, and we’re starting to talk about to make the image transmission distance further and further. For example, in agricultural surveying of fields of less than 50 hectares in size, drones are a cheaper option than manned aircraft surveillance, manned scouting and satellite imaging. Thanks to its small size and light weight, Zenytsa can be installed on a drone to provide a high quality imaging without a drastic change in a drone’s weight.



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