Remote sensing system constructor kit

We are pleased to announce that the prototype of the Earth remote sensing system with diffractive optics for the CubSat spacecraft has been successfully sent into orbit as part of the Sputnix project.

Over the past several months, we have been developing a constructor set based on this prototype that would allow us to build an optical system, configure it and conduct ground tests. In the process of developing the set, we came up with the idea that if you add educational materials to our constructor set, you will get an excellent stand where you can learn how to create space optical systems.

We offer a constructor set of a remote sensing system for the CubSat spacecraft with diffractive optics and training methods for the formation of engineering knowledge, skills and key competencies in the field of remote sensing of the Earth, machine vision and artificial intelligence.

Constructor set characteristics:

  • Real optical system - the calculated resolution is better than 100 meters from 400 km.
  • Special diffractive lens - equivalent focal length 150 mm, flat diffractive lens with a relief height less than 1 micron.
  • Two assembly options - using our kit you can assemble an optical system with a unique diffractive lens of our design, and with a classic refractive lens.
  • CubSat format - the assembled system is designed in terms of size, weight and power consumption for installation in a CubSat satellite.
  • Image processing in our cloud service - you will not be limited by the computing power available to you: all the processing of the resulting images will take place on our side.
  • A set of 6 training works - training materials have been prepared for assembling the constructor, determining the resolution of the system, reconstructing the resulting images, cloud interface, as well as teaching neural work with ordinary images. We will supplement educational materials with works devoted to processing both conventional images and images from diffractive lenses.
  • Access to images through the portal on our site - in addition to all of the above, for everyone on our portal, open access to space images received by our system will be organized.

The first version of our educational constructor will be available by the beginning of May 2021, if you are interested in pre-ordering or if you have questions, write now. We will be happy to answer you!



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